Our Mission

Creating FAIR Implementation Profiles

We help communities estabilish their data management plans for adapting FAIR principles using the FAIR Implementation Profile

Increase FAIRness in communities

We help communities create community-wide development strategies and help planing the conversion of their data to FAIR data.

Create alignment between international standards and communities

We generate alignment with international standards and other related communities to increase data reuse and Interoperability

Communities we work with

  • Historical & Archival data: There is a substantial number of smaller historical data providers which do not have the resources or capacity to invest in learning and maintaining FAIR standards
  • Media Content data: Complex, diverse and diffuse data are generated by a wide range of providers who have very little expertise in formal FAIR implementation.
  • Geospatial data: Data standards are exceptionally well established and accepted globally but their interoperability with the other social science and humanities communities is not well established.
  • Administrative data: There is an urgent need for the FAIRification of SDMX4 and declaring Statistics Netherlands (CBS) internal standards.
  • Commercial data: A large and diverse number of companies are willing to make their data available for research but lack scientific and data management expertise.
  • Biometric data: Biometric data encapsulate social and biomedical aspects. Standards are persistently evolving in both domains and there are challenges in their iterative alignment.
  • Other data and platforms in social science and humanities

LGBTQ+ Vocabulary Community

The community develops Homosaurus and translates terms in Homosaurus to multiple langauges for reuse.

Socio-economic History (SEH) Community

The community consists of researchers and data experts in the Netherlands who conduct research and publish data about social history and economic history research.

MCAL Community

The Media Content Analysis Lab (MCAL) is funded by ODISSEI and it consists of scholars in the field of communication sciences and media content, largely based at the University of Amsterdam, and Wageningen University.


The GLOBALISE project develops an online infrastructure that enhances the accessibility and research potential of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) archives.

GGP Community

The Generations & Gender Programme Research Infrastructure provides high quality and timely data about families and life course trajectories of individuals to enable research on current societal and public policy challenges.

NedHisFirm Community

NedHisFirm collects financial data from printed Dutch sources spanning 1796-1973. The research focuses on the differences between weekly and daily publications to list securities on the Dutch stock-market across time.

LISS Panel

The community publish data that are are collected for scientific researchers and policy makers, primarily from the (experimental) social, economic, and behavioral sciences.


The Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer develops and maintains an advanced syntactic database of the Hebrew Bible and perform research on Ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Syriac syntax and exegesis by applying computational and statistical methods.


CoDa contains six decades of studies on individual decision making in dyads and groups facing social dilemmas. The databank contains studies on human cooperation published in Chinese, English, and Japanese.


FIRMBACKBONE is an organically growing longitudinal data-infrastructure with information on Dutch companies for academic research.

Audiovisual Media NISV

People in the Dutch Audio-visual Media from Beeld en Geluid, a.k.a. the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision (NISV) Community working on media content, either playing or showing the digital media or processing the media to extract information from it.

Meet Our Team

Team Member

Pearl Dykstra

PI, Erasmus University Rotterdam/ODISSEI
Team Member

Jacco van Ossenbruggen

Advisor, VU Amsterdam/ODISSEI
Team Member

Tobias Kuhn

Advisor, VU Amsterdam
Team Member

Ronald Siebies

Advisor, VU Amsterdam
Team Member

Lucas van der Meer

Advisor, Erasmus University Rotterdam/ODISSEI
Team Member

Ricarda Braukmann

Advisor, DANS/KNAW
Team Member

Tom Emery

Advisor, Erasmus University Rotterdam/ODISSEI
Team Member

Angelica M. Maineri

Data Manager, Erasmus University Rotterdam/ODISSEI
Team Member

Shuai Wang

Scientific Engineer, VU Amsterdam

We welcome passionate students for internships and theses with us.

Team Member

Emilio Cammarata

Research intern student, ODISSEI FAIR Support team/Erasmus University Rotterdam
Team Member

Navroop K. Singh

Student assistant/BSc thesis project, VU Amsterdam

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